Logo of Quantium

Tier: bronze

Founded in 2002, Quantium has over 1,100 team members around the globe working in one of our 14 offices. We’re a team that thrives on our diversity of skills and experiences, with over 700 data analysts and 200 engineers coming together from all walks of life to solve some of the world's most complex and exciting challenges through the unrivalled power of data.

Our purpose is that we forge a better, more insightful world. We're driven by the challenge of decoding complex data to reveal rich insights that help propel our clients and communities forward.

How do we do this? We deliver cutting-edge analytics and sophisticated solutions that drive efficiency, growth, and change. From predictive modelling to AI-driven strategies, we offer a range of services and products that turn data into a powerful asset for decision-making and competitive advantage. Whether it's enhancing customer experience, optimising operations, or discovering new market opportunities, we provide the clarity and foresight that lead to action and results.

Our Quantium Experience is the promise to our current and prospective team members about what you can expect when you join the team. Irrespective of what role you’re in, the team you’re part of, or which office you’re located in, the Quantium Experience is our commitment to your rewarding and exceptional career at Quantium.

When you’re part of the Quantium team, we want you to challenge your imagination. We see solving problems both as an art and a science. We want you to constantly ask questions and help us push ourselves further with rigour and precision. We also want you to think big, be bold and be creative with how we solve problems so we can forge a better, more insightful world.